Officated by Robin Maida

Testimonial: Brandon and Dana Riley
“Robin officiated our handfasting ceremony with grace + perfection. She listened to our requests and collaborated with us to make our ceremony exactly what we wanted. She reminded us that the ceremony was ours  and made us feel heard + comfortable. Even though we wanted something short + sweet, it was beautifully presented. Robin was so willing to help us through the entire process, consistently offering to meet with us leading up to the big day! Robin even managed to incorporate our daughter into the handfasting ceremony which made it really special; she shared so many creative ideas and helped us curate the perfect ceremony.”





Testimonial: Peter and Jenna Wu
“We are grateful to have had Robin as our wedding officiant.  She took the time to intertwine personal details, while connecting the ceremony from start to finish.  It was a beautiful and memorable day, no detail was left unattended. We would recommend Robin to anyone trying to find the perfect officiant for their wedding day. Her genuine warm energy, and creative writing will make your day even more special. We are so thankful for her!”


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