Reiki Master Level Certification

Participants initiated into Reiki Level III: Master/Teacher are able to teach, attune, and certify others to all levels of Reiki.  

In this training students:

  • Participate in (4) group meditations
  • Receive (4) attunements
  • Give and receive a full body Reiki treatment
  • Learn the 4th and final Reiki Master/Teacher symbol enabling them to initiate and attune others
  • Practice giving and receiving attunements
  • Learn about embodiement work and how systemic (generational) trauma is held in the body and processed through
  • Review details of facilitating Reiki workshops and training
  • Receive a Reiki Level III: Master/Teacher Handbook
  • Receive a certification as a Reiki Level III: Master/Teacher allowing them to certify others

PREREQUISITES: Reiki level I and II through any Reiki school

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