Private sessions are an excellent way of making sure all of your needs get met! Whether you are looking to book a yoga or mediation session, enneagram consultation, or a family constellation, all sessions can be booked as a private one-on-one session, a semi-private session, or a session for a group. 


The workshop is based on the work Bert Hellinger created called Family Constellation. It’s a process for revealing hidden dynamics and unconscious loyalties within a family so that they can be observed, acknowledged, and understood. The approach allows the participants to see the family system in a three dimensional format, which gives a unique perspective for healing dysfunctional emotional and energetic connections.
Participating in an Ancestral Healing workshop can help release unhealthy habits, anxiety, and depression. The process itself uncovers patterns and dynamics that are often at the cause of financial inconsistency, addiction, relationship/family issues, and health problems. Most importantly, Ancestral Healing workshops act as a container for completion – empowering participants to disengage from unconscious loyalties and double binds, freeing them to connect with their families gifts and strengths.
No prior experience or knowledge of the work is necessary.

Sessions can be booked for all different styles of yoga to include:

SUP Yoga
Trauma Sensitive

Yoga sessions are perfect for individuals that are new to yoga or students looking to deepen their yoga practice. If you are looking to book a session for a larger group please contact Robin at (631)235-5307.  They make an excellent addition to a birthday, bridal, bachelorette, wedding party, or corporate event.


Meditation is a practice to quiet and study the mind so that we can become more aware of when the mind moves away from a chosen point of focus. This practice allows people to get to know themselves better.  It’s a tool which is used to slow ourselves down to bring clarity and insight into our daily life. Every time you meditate, you give yourself the gift of you. 

Embodiment during mediation is the practice of vertical integration to metabolize overwhelm caused by traumatic events.  The practice itself can be quite challenging without support of someone to act as the container.  

Enneagram means ‘drawing of nine” (ennea = 9 & gram from diagram). In it’s simplicity it’s an ancient personality typing system that teaches how people show up in the world but it’s so much more then that.  Learning and working with the enneagram provides us with a way to come back to who we were always meant to be. Each one of us was created and brought into this world with a unique purpose and as children we lose touch with that when we are shaped and molded into the people we need to be to survive. Unlike most personality typing systems, the enneagram isn’t so much about putting us into a category based on our behavior as it as about teaching us about how we are living and providing us with a path for change so that we can truly be free and in control of our lives.  Learning about the enneagram can be fun, inspiring, and exactly what we are looking for to create a deeper more authentic connection with ourselves and those we love.  Sessions can be booked as deep meaningful self-development workshops or as an easy-going and entertaining party activity.


Contact Robin: (631)235-5307