Dates: July 7-9, 2023
Times: (f) 6p-9p and (ss) 12p-6p

*Early Bird Special Expires on June 8, 2022*

During the course of this training you will:

  • Learn fun and effective ways to teach yoga to children at home, in school or a yoga studio
  • Develop more confidence in holding space while setting healthy boundaries to enable mindfulness and supportive learning
  • Engage in appropriate asana and lesson plans
  • Participate in role-playing for different ages
  • Become connected to a yoga community and be empowered to take the next step in your journey

This training is appropriate for:

  • Anyone wanting to bring yoga to children
  • Yoga Instructors (no prior kids required)
  • Physical Education Instructors who want to incorporate yoga into their curriculum
  • Volunteers who go into the schools with existing yoga instructors and “mirror” poses for students or learn some tools for their own children
  • Teachers who want yoga tools to relax, focus and/or energize children in the classroom