Dates: 2/24 & 2/25
Times: (f) 5:30p-9:30p, (sa) 12p-6p

*Early Bird Special Expires on 1/24

Crystal healing is about so much more than chakras and intention setting! Until you have successfully worked with crystals to manifest your dream goals, release trauma, or direct energy around a person’s body for healing, then you have not fully discovered their power! Journey far beyond the crystal healing skills and into a world of spiritual awakening and energetic empowerment. You’ll love being guided on an immersive journey into the science, spirituality, energetics and metaphysics of crystals.

Learn how to skillfully use crystals for healing while experiencing a profound inner shift This newly added training is a fully-immersive online crystal healing certification. At the end of this course you will feel confident as a professional crystal healing practitioner. 

Join us in this training and learn:

  • History and philosophy of crystal healing
  • Crystal healing formations & what they’re best used for.
  • How to properly cleanse, program and store crystals.
  • Discover popular crystals and their healing benefits.
  • How to choose the right crystals to heal with.
  • How to support and balance the Chakra centers in crystal healing.
  • Discover effective crystal healing methods.
  • Learn all the aspects of building your own Crystal Healing business as a practitioner.
  • Real-life crystal healing techniques to relieve stress & anxiety and promote cleansing, self-love & more
  • Explore your spirituality, improve your intuition and learn how to sense & understand energy